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Sales Strategist and Entrepreneur Darma Avalos Llerena, together with her international team, will help boost your sales, either by introducing your products to new markets, auditing your existing sales process or training and mentoring your internal sales force.

Darma believes that Sales is a skill you need to learn and an art you need to master. She is a Marketing Engineer with a strong background in Sales and Public Relations. A combination of artist and nerd.

As a former Sales Executive, she has spent the last 20 years refining her expertise in Sales and Marketing, and has since then been a star performing backstage, for the glory and fame of her clients.

Under her leadership, her company and her team have adopted non-ortodox methods and strategies that have not only helped her clients but also her own company; to survive the many economic crises affecting the global economy over the past 20 years.

Achieving results is nothing else than understanding her client's goals and core beliefs, and what the market wants and is able to perform.

Today she is a highly connected and sought after Sales Strategist, leading an international network of motivated Sales Executives and Sales Collaborators, who she recruits, trains and mentors herself.

Feel free to connect with Darma Avalos Llerena via her LinkedIn profile, eventually you can contact her directly using the contact details available on this page.

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