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International Sales Representation

Sales strategist and Entrepreneur Darma Avalos Llerena and her team have the necessary expertise and resources to conceive and implement a successful sales process for your production, or a part of it. Through The Belgian Factory, you can also secure incremental orders reducing the costs of your idle production capacity.

Depending on the collaboration model you choose, The Belgian Factory can also play an important role in reducing considerably your Sales & Marketing costs.

Our Sales Services in a Nutshell

  • Sales Representation Services in International Markets
  • Additional Sales Program: Alongside your existing sales effort and activities, we can help you set up and execute an additional sales program aimed to:
    • Secure orders for your idle production capacity.
    • Cover geographic areas other than yours.
    • Incorporate an international, multilingual team to broaden your sales and marketing universe as well as introduce your product on international level.
  • Mentoring and training your internal sales team with a hands-on practical approach
  • Tailor made workshops and sessions about Sales & Marketing to create a better synergy between your marketing department and internal sales force.

Need Help Selling Your Product?


The Belgian Factory is an international sales agency offering manufacturers and industrial plants, sales related services.
We offer first class International Sales Representation, via different programs and services.
Contact us today if you need help selling your product.