Brand Building and Development

By Darma Avalos Llerena

Having a good product is not enough.

These are turbulent economic times, with the globalization of the economy and the financial challenges that have thrashed the international market place having a good product is no longer enough.

Consumers trust brands, specially those ones that are aligned with their own core values and principles. By having a successfull brand you will gain market share and have your product gain exposure in the media and among your loyal clients.

A brand is not built in one night, today most marketers rush to label a product, create visuals and launch to save the coming quarter sales figures. But a brand is more than a label and some creative non-sense, it is about understanding your audience, telling a story that resonates with your market.

To successfully create a brand you need to start by identifying which segment of the market you want to appeal, who they are as persons and individuals, what their values, motivations, believes and pet peeves are and how you can . Once you understand and have gathered the necessary information about who your buyers are, where they are and how you can reach them, then it is time to start building a brand that carries not only a promise but a purpose. What and where need to be complemented by Why.

  • Why are you here?
  • Why should they trust you?
  • Why should they choose you and be loyal to you?

When you can answer those questions feeling excited and motivated, you will have a good basis to start working on your brand.

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