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The Belgian Factory is headquartered in Kortenaken, Belgium but servicing an international client pool.

  • From Belgium / Europe call:
    +32 11 88 39 66
    (Wij spreken Nederlands, English and Español)
  • USA & International Customers please dial:
    +1 855 642 1500
    (We speak Dutch, English and Español)
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International Sales Agency & Consultancy

International Sales Agency With A Mission

The Belgian Factory is an International Sales Agency and Consultancy aimed to help small manufacturers, producers and service providers with less than 50 employees, to market and sell their products or services at international level and developing brands with additional values highly beneficial for all stakeholders.

“We know obstacles but
we don’t acknowledge them”

The Belgian Factory next to its Marketing, Sales and Brand Development Services is committed to develop and implement specific Corporate Projects aimed to make a positive impact in a sector, a selected group of companies within a geographical zone or even contribute in one way or the other, to a greater goal.

Darma Avalos Llerena has gathered around an international network of qualified associates and collaborators allowing her to execute with confidence an ambitious plan with limited financial resources but a wealth in knowledge and experience.

Representation and Coaching Services to Manufacturers Or Producers

The Belgian Factory offers Commercial and Sales Representation to manufacturers and producers. We help them develop new markets and sell their products or commodities to an international portfolio of clients.

Our agency is based in Belgium, at the heart of Europe but our operation network extends beyond geographical boundaries. We serve an international client pool mainly located in USA, Europe, North Africa and The Middle East.

If you are looking to go global, increase the sales of your production, penetrate or skim new markets, take contact with Sales Strategist Mrs. Darma Avalos Llerena, to quickly assess whether we are a good fit.

Types of Products we market and sell:

  • We have experience in marketing and sales of industrial raw materials as well as industrial consumables; agricultural commodities as well as construction materials.

Our Expertise:

  • Sales Representation / Mandate
  • Sales Strategy
  • Sales Executive Services
  • Auditory and Mentoring & Training Programs for your Internal Sales Force
  • Business Development & Facilitation
  • Creating Synergies and establishing Co-operative Sales Operations

Client Profile:

  • Manufacturers or Producers, owners of the product that is being sold and/or having the authority to and the desire of to make decission and modify the sales process if necessary. We also would ask you to put us in contact with one or more persons in your organisation who can provide, in a timely manner, answers and information about:
    • Financial arrangements,
    • Logistics,
    • Production planning and coordination.
  • Importers or Companies needing to source the products we represent, can also benefit from added value sales advice and marketing support services.

Need Help Selling Your Product?

The Belgian Factory is an international sales agency offering manufacturers and industrial plants, sales related services.
We offer first class International Sales Representation, via different programs and services.
Contact us today if you need help selling your product.